Since 2003, UMT operating in home textiles industry in Denizli TEXTILE INDUSTRY, from 2004 onwards by Elita brand and produce 40% of the foreign markets, 60% of the domestic 800 E near the point of sale tükeci with buluşturmaktadır.2009 registered in the received elitev brand message brand new product to sign we will continue to ...

Our company's facilities using the latest high-tech ;
Four Seasons Embroidered Bedding Sets ,
Embroidered Pike Sets,
Bathroom and Toilet Sets,
Based Non-slip Mats and carpets,
Satin Bed Covers,
Printed Pike Sets,
Duvet Sets ,
Duvet and Pillow type of silicon ,
Hotel Textile is the production of every kind of special order ...

Production quality , professional team that supports the design and registration of all the products of our company are his own . Produced with the advantage of advanced technology in our products , customer satisfaction, always keeping in the forefront In our efforts to continue uninterrupted and provide our valued customers all kinds of innovations are in the effort .

Our customers quality products at attractive prices and with consumers bringing real strength to strength and our strength increased to the extent that we are living is to provide better service to our country . " Our commitment to the future of our country makes us stronger . "
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